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Fuck You Science Part Deux

I was wrong science, but don’t forgive me. By Angus McBane For any of those who have read the previous article, this is a follow up to the article “Fuck You Science.” The following is a disclaimer you must know before continuing on so shut ya god forsaken shit trap … Continue reading

Bad Habits to Quit for the Spring

By: Dean Terrell Let’s face it, bro, you smell like shit.  Your clothes smell, your body smells, you’ve got sweat in crevices you never noticed before. Ladies, you know under boob sweat is one of the worst feelings.  Your room is covered in clothes and your shits are unbearable to you and … Continue reading

What Guys Don’t Understand About Girls (for the young, old and confused)

By: Valeria Snow For all you men out there– first of all, you suck. Just kidding. Uh, no, but seriously. Anyway, some of you find it “hard” to understand girls and their actions, so let me give you some pointers that may help you wrap your little finger (or penis) … Continue reading

Student Revolt #2: Qualms in Quebec

By: Barrington Stone Picture Credits: http://www.stopthehike.ca/ On March 22nd, 2012, the city of Montreal held the largest protest in the entirety of Canadian history. Around half a million people swept through the city with righteous cries for a fairer system of education and lower tuition and fees for all students in … Continue reading

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